The style of yoga I teach adapts to the group present and the context, so people can receive the most benefit from the practice.

Typically, I teach a fluid, flowing sequence of postures which are linked through breath and attention. 

I'm an alignment focused teacher, so I promote staying in poses for longer, breathing deeply and finding optimal, healthy alignment for individual practitioners.

I’m also interested in teaching a yoga that is useful both on and off the mat, so my practice is fused with the rich philosophies and narratives of numerous cultures and traditions. Curiosity and a sense of exploration are at the heart of my practice.

yoga styles 

There’s a myriad of styles in yoga; which one is best for you?

My opinion is that the style we practice needs to be flavoured by what is most beneficial to us as individuals, at this moment in time. Often, however, we’re drawn to practices that further deepen our existing habits and tendencies. 

For instance, goal-oriented, ‘type-A’ personalities are often drawn to stronger, athletic practices. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, often the yoga that would most benefit these people is restorative, seeking to balance their already wired nervous system. Likewise, if a person is feeling unmotivated or stagnant, stronger physical practice may be the best way to find balance.

It depends where we’re at. As such, the way I teach seeks to merge both the strong, physical styles of yoga with the more subtle, restorative and somatic. A balance of yang and yin, if you will.




private yoga

121 tuition is the optimal way to explore the practice and develop a personal plan for your aspirations. Traditionally yoga was taught in this way, or in small groups rather than large open classes. To work with me directly, learn more below.