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We hurt ourselves in many different ways. Sometimes we know we’re doing it, sometimes we don’t. For me, depression, anxiety, shame, self harm, and almost 10 years of drug abuse and addiction left their marks. But wounds heal when we have the right medicine.

When I found meditation and yoga back in 2009, I found that medicine, and slowly but surely healing happens. We underestimate our capacity for change and growth by such a huge measure. It takes time, but there’s a point where we stop being defined by our scars and are instead defined by our healing.

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We can Recover. we can Thrive

I’ve been living clean and sober for several years now. The practice gave me strength, clarity, and healing but it took 12 Step programmes and their community to help me finally leave that world behind. I owe my life to those fellowships, and whilst i eventually moved away and established ongoing recovery through my own practices, my ability to thrive today is predicated on the power of those years in 12 Step recovery.

If you are struggling, you will find support there, you will find people who know what you’re going through and who can offer you hope.


We can all learn

First and foremost, I will always be a student. Anything I know is not a credit unto myself, but to my teachers, and those seekers who’ve gone before me.


Mimi Kuo-Deemer

Jean Hall

Sifu Matthew Cohen

Aki Omori

Eileen Gauthier


S. N. Goenka

Mark Coleman

Martin Aylward

Tara Brach

Charlotte Joko Beck