Freedom. Strength. Healing

This is what practice means to me. Over the last decade yoga, mindfulness, and qigong have not only transformed my life and health - they pretty much saved it. They freed me from a lifetime of self-destructive behaviours and gave my life clarity, purpose and meaning. There’s nothing more important to me than sharing this.

I teach in a way which is emotionally intelligent but direct, disciplined but playful, logical but humorous. I share the things which have worked for me, things which originate from my direct experience over the years.

I first came to meditation back in 2009. I’d graduated from Cambridge University after reading English Literature, but just one year into corporate life in London and I was burning out, suffering panic attacks, partying too hard, and on the verge of entering rehab. Meditation gave me a sliver of breathing space, just enough to pluck up the courage to go my first yoga class. Yoga was challenging; both physically and mentally.

Over time, meditation and yoga helped me to confront a lot of uncomfortable truths in my life and move beyond them; freedom, strength, and healing were the result. As my own practice and fascination deepened, I decided to train so I could share and try to make some small difference in an increasingly complicated world.

Today, I share these practices throughout central London to people of all levels, backgrounds and incomes so that they too might benefit and find positive change.

To read my full story, follow my journey here

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